1. Work


Up and I get at ‘em early, rarely do I ever sleep in
I gotta clear my mind thoroughly, I can’t let the laziness creep in
Can’t let the voice that’s telling me, to lay back and sleep get the best of me
I give this my all, in every endeavor because I’m pursuing my destiny
Yuh… and I’m all about that work – work Yuh… And I’m ripping thru the fast lane skirt – skirt
Yuh… and I run until my lungs hurt Yuh… till they put me in that dirt – dirt
They wonder how I keep doing this, I don’t let complacency ruin this
I don’t waste time on the foolishness, Even if I’m not the coolest kid
Got the bars on lock like prison, but a prison ain’t part of my vision
Even if it is when, I’m released though go beast mode, spittin out heat bro
To the devil scheme I’m lethal, thank Jesus for the prequel
Plus He the sequel, no equal no cap no rest I press…
I be up in that spit heat mode with no cheat code
And I’m busting in the booth with the truth get ready as I reload

Chorus: Early in the morning I (work) In the afternoon I (work)
Even in the evening I (work) All night all night (work)

I am not trying to be famous, I am just trying to see greatness
I put in the time and the effort and energy mixed with the gift that I came with
Mix in the intention I aim with, succeeding is more than survival
You thinkin my dopeness is limited, while I am proving that you’re not my rival
Can’t let ‘em out work me bro, Grind mode so I gotta find my flow
Sicker than influenza good fight contender good night pretenders
Aye… Imma give it to ‘em quicker than a hiccup, they plastic sorta like a nip tuck
Do ‘em like a bank in a stick up, in the back of a pickup
Can’t hold on to it all that’s silly, so I’m giving it away like red hot chili
I’m fishing for the ones that can’t be caught, I work for a prize that can’t be bought
Got a treasure no thief can steal from, gotta do the work get the deal done
The workers are few but the harvest is plenty I play my position and get many


Happiness can be elusive, fortune and fame can be fleeting
I’m running a race for a purpose, and it cannot be won by cheating
Slow burn fast flow I do it for the love not the cashflow
Except when I’m getting that cashflow chase God =then I watch that cash grow
Witty with the word play, conduct a survey, you will never get the angle to serve me
This wasn’t spose to be my season, my dream… wasn’t in reason
All I =needed was a reason, and something that I could believe in, a little work to get my sleeve in
Pleasing to the will of God see, some work for greed but I work to feed
All the people in my family and those in need I was broke for a second now I’m well – funded
Every time I spit a verse it’s emoji 100, and I never wanna sound redundant
But when it comes to the youngins I’m a pundit, all of this
Hard work counting heavenly currency, work hard pressing me currently… get this