1. Harder


They got a bullet with my name on it, stop it… But there’s a lot with a Range on it, cop it
Every time that they send me away, I get smarter and come harder devil wanna lead me astray
They got a cell and a number for me, uh huh… Life got lightning and thunder for me, OK
So I spit the lighting over beats and bars and reach for the stars and teach the next wave of ours
I’m a high achiever, yeah… cautious of them deceivers, whoa
Doubters quickly become believers, and I hit ‘em with it, QB’s to the wide receivers
From the wards to the districts to the Brooklyn stoops, man I’m sure to hit you from the booth the truth
Walking by faith with and with every step and with every breath in this track is the truth
And see that my resilience is realer than real and I give you this track is the proof

Chorus: I run harder I hit harder life comes at me so I go harder… Harder, harder

This world’s enough to make ya crazy, this industry is kinda shady
They take a chick that’s average, throw some… D’s on her now she’s sittin’ savage
They dangle trinkets =looking to lead me astray, but I won’t ever take my eyes off the prize or stay
Stuck or sell out next wave or sell out my faith, I bring the truth over bars and bass
All my scars are placed strategic on my body and the tell the story
As if my music wasn’t enough to tell it for me, so I bring it to the people in a way that they can understand
With an inspiration for the nation spread the love of the Savior and plan to bounce
Back like a rubber ball when I fall, I never stay down or lay
Bring it to ‘em harder day by day, blessings… I move it life forward life lessons
By the hairs of my chinny chin, I play to win unapologetic let’s get it