Heart of a Champion-

We made it this far but that’s not good enough we got a few scars we keep on getting up,
We got the right, we won’t be quiet we’ll fight, standing up for our right tonight,
Stepping out of the dark into the light, with the heart of a champion (8x)

Verse 1
No time for fear, no time for wastin
The battle is near, we can’t get complacent
See the different faces, look into our eyes
Think straight and clear, there’s no compromise
I gotta stand strong, last long endure
Troubles and trials, road goes for miles
Wind in my sails I may be a cat
But when I see my reflection, a lion stares back

Life is a battlefield valleys and mountaintops, battles they come and go, but truly never stop
Another battle comes, soon as the battles won, but I have the heart of a champion


Verse 2
Yea I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
With distraction and temptation to the right and left
But I gotta keep it movin so on I press
Then along comes the money, the power, and sex
Traps can be attractive in the perfect package
Bomb ready to blow, wrapped in a pretty bow
Rally up believers, men step up as leaders
Bullseye upon ya, put on the full armor

Chorus Repeat-