About Xola

As a teenager, Kid Sensation emerged onto the hip hop scene as a group member of Grammy Award winning artist Sir Mix-a-Lot. As a solo artist, he released 9 CDs, selling over 1.5M units and counting. The new albums are fun, at times thought provoking, witty, full of life giving messages and profanity free.   Over his career he has created content with/for legendary athletes, worldwide brands, charities and sports organizations. He is an a recording artist, producer, public speaker, author and actor who serves in the community with his nonprofit Urban Harvest, and other youth based projects worldwide. “I have a heart to spread hope, love and create meaningful dialogue through various art forms. I want to empower and inspire our youth.” - Xola



Recent Events

Xola A.K.A Kid Sensation along with being a rap/hip hop legend, has created content, emceed and performed for multiple corporations, sports organizations and more, including:

  • The Paper Tigers (Feature Film)
  • Discover Credit Card
  • Safety Not Guaranteed (Feature Film)
  • NFL, NBA, MLB (Ken Griffey Jr. , Shaun Alexander, Ichiro Suzuki)
  • Fox Sports Network 
  • United Way 
  • YMCA
  • Team Survivors Northwest (TNSW - Cancer survivors)
  • NCAA  (Oklahoma University, Ohio State Buckeyes, and Louisville Cardinals)
  • HopSports
  • Hench Hench Energy Drink
  • Harlem Globetrotters
  • Raise Hope for Congo/Dialogue One
  • Microsoft Xbox (Project Gotham Racing)