Written by Kid Sensation - performed by Kid Sensation and WANZ (from Macklemore's Thrift Shop)

A tribute to classic West Coast artists, proving the Left Coast is the Best Coast.

  (Appearances by Grammy Award Winning artists, Sir MixALot & WANZ)

"Undefeated List"

Written and performed by Kid Sensation and son, Kendi Fresh

(featuring boxing champion Emmett Linton)

Presently Past the Future 

now streaming on all platforms

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"Feelin' Myself"

Ever feel like people are trying to bring you down...just because. Now you can just POINT and ask, 

"Did you say Somethin?!...

*Submissions for the compilation of the Feelin 'Myself video were sent in from fans, friends, neighbors, family and YOU!

Thank you for sharing the lighter side of 2020 with me and my music.  I love y'all so much! ~ Kid


Check out the Official Music Video below