1. Imma Do Me

From the recording Looking Up

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The first single and video from the CD Looking Up, a fun poke at the current state of the hip hop


Imma Do Me

I guess I'm not a typical rapper my pants don't sag and I try to dress dapper
Andre 3000 ish but I shop H&M not expensive boutiques
Fresh sneaks that hit for a 50 spot
Even stop with Ben in the thrifty shop
New watch alert, Timex… next bus alert 7 express
I don’t got a Bugatti or big chain, I ain’t up in the club I don’t make it rain
I’m from Seattle where it rain enough, and I don’t mean mug, I don’t talk tough
I’m happy with my style a lot, even though I got braces I smile a lot
And I’m good with plan b, good with being me, good with being free
From the typical rap blueprint, my 2 cents it’s becoming a nuisance
Every song tellin us what they ride in, a perfect opportunity for X to slide in
And tell ‘em all have several, seats cause they weak saying nothing unique
Bruh… Please plug your pie hole and y’all stop buying take ‘em off the payroll
See some of us done figured it out, so many rappers today got diarrhea of the mouth
Yeah, I know it’s gross but true, selling that mental dope trying to get a dose in you
I cannot make it more plain I must do me and I can’t ride that train
My mission be convincing ‘em… Peep the change up boy Tim Lincecum

I didn't invent new slang or lingo I'm clean yo, and not just on my single
Why give ‘em one song that’s clean just so that they can get an album that’s all obscene All these other rappers fronting & posing talking bout their cars money jewels & clothes
I’m secure no need for grandstanding, just spit bars and people start dancing
Live simple, don’t follow the blueprint the path that you went I saved my 2 cents
Looking at your Rolex and its 10 to 9, but looking at my Timex its says the same time
No Lambo or Maserati… see us in a Prius pulling up the party
X to the O-L-A and C Ratcliffe, make this lifestyle cool and attractive
I’m a cool dude, I’m a cool dad and for a couple score I’d say I’m not bad
Yep… I’m like a young George Clooney, ice cream honeys wanna jump on my spoonie
Nah… One filly in the stable, it don’t mean I should or I would cause I’m able
No profanity, no insanity, No smoke no drink I think I’ll do me