1. I Fall I Rise

From the recording Looking Up

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It's not about how many times we fall, it's about getting back up


I Fall I Rise

I done fell a lot… call me Fall Out Boy
But I snap back like caps and rubber bands with new plans
It ain’t no quit in me, man you must be kidding me
The only way I fail is to completely quit see
But failures not an option… my option hopping
To my feet I’m elite won’t retreat
I meet a challenge take it head up… The look in my eyes
Says every time that a fall down I’m gonna rise…

The road to victory never easy…
See the spotlight is on and now you see me
I had to struggle through the rigors of the hustle
Action way before the camera and lights
Ignite the flame passion and skill I had to hone it
My heart pumpin ice water through its components
Kept the faith even after I blown it
Life can be offensive but I 2-3 zone it

To appreciate pleasure gotta feel the pain
To appreciate the sun you gotta feel the rain
The dream that I’m chasing keep me on the path
Keep my eyes on the future leave behind the past
I fall they laugh I say so what
I rise they watch me get back up
They laugh no more they see me soar
Mounted on wings and I’m doing my thing