From the recording Looking Up

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A duet with Grammy Award winner Sir Mix A Lot about the risk and rewards of relationships when in the public eye


Love and Loyalty

Xola (Verse 1)

I started in the game young, got the fame young =with the flame tongue
Meaning my vocal hotta, =I became a globe trotter
Without a ball, still a balla from the 2-0
Sick with the game =and I reign on every stage and you know
Being young with money people look at ya funny
Before I was 20, =had a Benz on 20’s these lil honeys
Used to latch on like keys on, catch on like Keyshawn
Chicks nutty as pecans, Kid cutty and be gone
See my group had groups of groupies, they love the Benz coupies
Even my groupies had groupies and they was looking to me
=Like a meal ticket, real with it, triumph and toil
=And I still feel it, deal with it whose love is loyal
Trust none and now its plus one for the girl I dated
Friends and enemies are =similar it’s getting complicated
Contemplated my next moves, =had a lot to yet prove
Surrounded by yes dudes, couldn’t read or test whose
Love was loyal

Chorus (Chad Kinlow)
I don't know who's for me or against me
When I'm up, everyone's with me
I'm grinding, I'm shining people are all around
But when those curtains close
Only God knows
Who's been around and who shows
Love and Loyalty

Sir Mix A Lot (Verse 2)

I’m at a crib in La Jolla with 9 lawyers
The byproduct of dollars and paranoia
Fatty sacks with demons and coded text
I’m leaving ‘em for the flesh and the quest for the best ex
The true player to the bone my piece was chrome
Looking at them streets only one eye closed at home
Lines blurred heard friends with crooked words
Love became slang handshakes on street curbs
I played it like a boss I paid them jokers off
My name was dipped in salt but whose fault
Feds come the spoiled ones run
No use for the Mix man when hundreds went ones
Love and loyalty when you live like royalty
Could be something easy to see if you wasn’t me
My tears froze in a suspect pose
Imma let it all go but the Mix bank is closed… Forever


I’m at a crossroads feeling like bone thugs… evaded young death from drugs and magnum slugs
No longer driven by greed or the need to feed insatiable flesh on a quest to raise my seeds
I fell short of perfection I’m a flawed man…
But I found myself on the side of grace with the Lord man
Pick up the pieces keep bringing heat with releases this thesis
Is meant for millions of my nephews and nieces
I hear a higher call, storms and fire fall… Friends and family disappear when the smoke clears
I have to stand alone without a microphone I have to face the throne account for all my own
Choices I made when living repent and I’m forgiven…
Resent the greed driven past I lived when giving
Life to flesh its life or death, I pray to God my seeds see the growth in me
And grow to be full of love and loyalty