1. Incredible

From the recording Looking Up

An anthem dedicated to the empowerment of every woman worldwide



God’s gift, so awesome, look the way the little girl blossomed
Incredible, underrated, but through the best and worst days she made it
I see the pain and love in her eyes, smile that’s bright like a sunrise
The world wanna pull you down so let’s build you up and fill you up
With the hope for the next chapter, replace tears with smiles and laughter
I’m so inclined to, say never let the world define you
You’re a masterpiece soft spoken, strong love not easily broken
Every daughter every mother, sister, wife, you’re the one with the power to carry life
I salute you and celebrate you, forgive when I acted like I hate you
All things made new, new day, past hurts past scars, fade away
Don’t a few bad decisions, keep you from accomplishing your mission
You’re a step above amazing don’t settle, beautiful right where you are, incredible


I just really want you to know, one word describes you, incredible
Unconditional love so patient, your strength is my inspiration
You’re my anchor, I thank ya… you’re incredible

Uh huh, hey lady… Have I told you you’re incredible lately?
This a holla for every woman’s welfare, Xola cares if don’t nobody else care
And I gotta take a minute to tell ya, I’m sorry for the way we failed ya
Cause you’re more than a cute face plus curves
You’re more than the lies you’ve seen and heard
I guess if no one wanna step up, speak truth, Imma step up, speak truth, and bring proof
You are one in a billion times seven, a hand made original from heaven
You were born to love, born to lead, born to shine and succeed
They wanna see you in a strip club on a pole, I’d rather see you in a boardroom in control
Achieving greatness… I know some artists would rather exploit you they hate this
They getting nervous, when I expose ‘em and point to your purpose
Even if you been through hell in a cell, if you’re still breathing keep believing
One step above amazing don’t settle, beautiful right where you are, Incredible

Chorus (repeat):