1. New Man

From the recording Looking Up

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In Jesus, we are born again as something better and greater than before


New Man

I used to be young and kind of foolish-ness I was into it
So I tried to keep hanging with dudes that I went to school with
And they was doing nothing so I was doing nothing
Productive at doing nothing it was time to change something
Cause all of my potential giving life to instrumentals
Was slipping between my fingers like sands in an hourglass
My road windy and rough I made silly mistakes
And left a lotta heartache and heartbreak in my wake
And even in the middle of it facing my toughest choice
I hear the words and the sound of my mother’s voice
She sees greatness and me under achieving, she knows the power of faith and she’s believing
One day I’d wake up and realize I’m wasting, a lifetime on all these good times that I’m chasing
I’m seeking something different, this ain’t my life plan
I’m stepping to You and stepping out a New Man

Chorus: I keep on building keep on moving, with each new day I keep proving
The past and future are not equal, the story was stormy but there’s a sequel
And if you don’t recognize the man you see before your eyes
It’s ‘cause I’m a New Man (2x) inside and the old man’s gone away

I was a kid chasing the fame, young chasing the game
Chasing these little frames, but then something changed
Did a full 180 from the days when I used to be shady
Figured out the importance of sticking to one lady
I don’t dip in the club run and rip in the club
I’m skipping the club, girls strip in the club, dudes trip in the club
Shots pops blood drip in the club No love just troub in the club and the streets, I’m done… plus
We takin vows baby I take ‘em serious, these girls wanna take your place, must be delirious
We in this life forever, even through stormy weather
And we ride or die and treasure, every moment together
Since I put a ring around the fing it ain’t a fling
It’s just the way I feel about you and the love we share and bring
To the table and stability minimizes mystery, this family about to make history, I’m a New Man


New days are ahead old days are behind, new vision new heights and I’m no longer blind
Lookin at my face tell me what do you see, it don’t always reflect what’s in me
Been blessed and my face is still lookin the same, but in my heart a whole lot has changed
My rearview mirror is small windshield big, and I don’t forget it
Where I came from but I focus on where I’m headed
I can’t forget the lesson when walking in my blessing, peep in the rearview but keep a clear view
Of what’s in front of me =and my past is washed away, I let regret go I’m focused on today
God forgive me as these people remind me of the changes that I made and the past behind me
It all was for Your purpose it all was for Your plan, I came into You broken came out a New Man