1. Get Work

From the recording Looking Up

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The perfect workout track, pure fire to energize your soul


Get Work
5 o’clock in the morning, yawning but I’m up
Thankful for my life, my kids, my wife
I’m up while y’all sleep, I’m grinding to make that leap
Next level, next move, each day, I improve
Gotta date with destiny, nothing less than the best of me
Greatness is so nice but so few will pay the price
Full amount no discount or price cut I light up
I sweat and I’ll bleed I’ll even die, cause I believe
I’m a major problem yeah I’m made to blossom
Test my stamina, action before the lights, camera
Preparation don’t stop so when opportunity knock
God’s hand in the plan 20 grand worth of beats comin out the chop shop
You are not a factor, I’m not just a rapper
Producer on the track bruh, plus a movie actor
I’m a Jesus chaser and I tend to take the
High road the cause the hard road is disguised with an easy entrance (what)
Mediocrity slow death, I push till my last breath
Gifted so blessed, Keep delivering I got flow left
Flow right flow tight, in no light I’m so bright
Artistic Van Gogh type, breath of fresh air, I know right?

I’m up in your network and I’m bout to get work (rep)
Get work (rep)

Not caught up in the past it’s new days new times
New approach with new rhymes
Currently everybody focused on the currency and more currency
Chasing paper, that turn to vapor XO blessed flow here to wake the
Passion of people my dream
Never selling my soul to get cream
I’m the genuine article, roasting bustas like barbeque
Nothing out of the microwave
The recipe homemade
Workers are few harvest is plenty we all should come out with many
…faced opponents, when God is with me… who can stand against me