1. Shift

From the recording Looking Up

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Rapid fyah lyric speed... Can you keep up with the flow?



Hello to the people in the universe who know the way I flow be so exceptional I’m doper to the decimal, point and if you hear me spitting fire in the booth I bring the truth and to the youth I’m gonna shout it from the roof, top and every time I hear another brotha talking bout a bottle that he poppin man I’m stoppin and I’m droppin him, now I’m on another level and a another plane and if you missed it, I’m gifted flip the switch and shift it

Uh… down shift make it plain… I don’t really hafta name names…
All these lames all sound the same… Checking the blind spot we wanna change lanes

The flow into a rapid fire spitter really nothing when I’m in the Spirit hear it on the regular rotation and the nation wanna come along and go into a place to where the music doing something we can get into, growing and we bringing up another generation that’ll keep it burning hotta than the middle of the sun and make a difference delivering the people that are suffering and bringing ‘em the middle of the riddle that you’re running

Uh… It’s like that old cliché… It’s a new time and a new day…
It’s some trying to lead you astray… My calling is to clear ‘em out the way…

Now I gotta bring it to the listeners thats looking for another type of lyrical a miracle in spitting all the heat in every track I give ‘em just a little taste of something fresher than the regular you listen to I gotta do the opposite of all the other rappers in the studio who do a lotta flappin at the jaw and if they drop it for a profit man I’m flipping up the regular a predator of phonies in the game cause I’m gonna change the planet

Yo we go hard in the paint, tell ‘em the truth yo they ain’t
On the level or on the same plane, Imma shift and show no restraint

Blessing to the people in the universe who know the way I flow be so exceptional I’m doper to the decimal point and if you know the way I live it for the Savior then the flavor of the flow is nothing new to any of the people skip it back and get a second opportunity to listen to the words and get em deep into ya spirit hear it from the one who follow Jesus to make a better day for others who may want a new beginning and a fresh start

Yeah I wanna do the thing right, disperse the antidote with words I write
Show ‘em love and lead ‘em to the light, and let the flame ignite