1. Words Matter

From the recording Looking Up

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Words in music are powerful and influential. Choose Wisely.


Words Matter

I’m ADD, I so am stupid, I can’t do nothing right, I’m such a loser, everybody hates me, I’m just like my father… I’m not __enough, why should I bother? They say sticks and stones can break bones, but words crush the spirit from the time that they hear it, so many broken people, are breaking broken people, then broken people continue the story like a sequel, let’s break the broken system, let’s choose the voice to listen, if you hear me then you’re breathing keep believing, see I believe in you, do you believe in you, yeah I believe you do, others believe too, whoever said whatever words just forget ‘em, negative labels can only stick if you let ‘em, words come you choose what to receive, what to believe, let words of hope supersede because

Words Matter, words matter… Mental conversation I can hear the chit chatter
The voice inside my head sometimes is not aligned with the way I should be thinking to keep my thoughts from sinking remember words matter
Words Matter, words matter… Thoughts come outta nowhere I can hear the chit chatter
The things I let inside my mind can change up my mindset… we think they’re only words but you can bet words matter…

I heard the tightest song, it had the tightest beat, done by the tightest artist, it had the tightest heat, listened a little closer to what the words said, they speaking death to me and I ain’t even dead, they say they only curse to get a point across, I say they only curse because they soul is lost, look at the words are saying look what they telling us, think of the hooks and verses, look what they selling us, sometimes I’m home alone and singing in my shower, that’s when I realize, these songs and words have power, unconsciously reciting verses and curses, saying things I don’t say, don’t do ain’t been through, Words affect me and the people close to me, It ain’t making me the man I’m supposed to be I’ll just pretend the beat is all I hear, but it won’t stop the words from coming in my ear
Words matter