From the recording Looking Up

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Comfort when we lose a loved one who loves God, we'll see 'em again.


One More Time

I know the good byes are always harder than the hellos, that’s the natural flow and the way that life goes, life without you ain’t the same and I’m feeling the pain, shed a tear sometimes in the public restrain,
true emotion feeling like I gotta be strong
For the people around me =but I actually long, for you to be here, just to see you once again, it feels so wrong you too young to leave the world, you had more to give you had more to live, left us for the angels above, and sometimes I feel alone, it hurts like… So bad, no one understands, it seems like God’s plan don’t always seem like it’s fair, but He knows more than me, on the other side when I’ll see, you

Chorus: So often it’s the little things that keep you on my mind
Your warm embrace, and smiling face like the sunshine
Yes it’s true I miss you, and if you were here I’d kiss you
I have to settle for a memory, if I could see you just one more time

Scrolling through my cell phone at pictures of you, and the pictures of me and the pictures when we, made memories vividly enter my mind as I collect myself I’m reflecting time, talking to you it’s only just a dream, cause I’m talking to myself and your picture on the screen, heart heavy cause I can’t tell you one more time, the way I feel or maybe even hear your voice, cause the days of our lives are beyond our choice, so what can I do cause every moment without you... Goes by… So slow… but I know when I go, I get to see you again in perfection with no worry or pain