From the recording Looking Up

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Diversity makes us great. Let LOVE lead the way


Let Love Breathe-

Lord… the world gone crazy and I don’t know what to say
The time when I’m strong and weak I just need to pray
I wonder if this what You had in mind when You say
Just love-
Look… ain’t no man alive that’s perfect, ain’t no plan tried that’s worth it
If you steal for it, kill for it, love is real so be real for it
Seek blame or seek change some seek power some seek fame
We desperate, yes sir it’s most valuable we Steph Curr it
Love… it conquers all, it conquers lies and hate
Despite the countries and colors we all one race
Despite the road we chose we could about face
And Just Love-
Love… My mind is flooded like the 9th ward in New Orleans
Hate is prevailing or at least it’s the way it seems
We living a night mare that’s trying to replace all our dreams

To just love… Let it breathe

Look… I ain’t like you and you ain’t exactly like me
But somehow we got to find a way to just be
Celebrate our differences and soon we’ll see
Just Love
Listen, the words you chose you taking off the gloves
Why oh why do we hurt the ones we Love
We in each other’s face and space, we push and we shove
Is this Love?
Real Love… Is patient, kind, not envious boastful or proud
Not easily angered or broken forgiveness allowed
Not quick to dismiss one another commitment is vowed
Just Love…
When looking for the negative in people I surely can find
The good or the bad in all of us and by Love’s design
Days can’t rewind so it’s better that we utilize time

To just Love… Let it breathe