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We gonna lean like this, we gonna lean like that
We gonna lean to the front, now we gon lean to the back
See me lean to the left, see me lean to the right
Everybody everybody lean, we gonna lean all night
Now lean (rep) c’mon everybody let’s lean

Ay I be so clean, every time I do that lean
You can lean with me too, Imma tell you how to do
It ooh it’s oh so easy breezy, stand where you can see me
Lean real slow then pause for a sec, just do it like that then snap yo neck
Front to back… left to right, =look at Kendi fresh he lean so tight
Oh, my competition, get jealous I’m so efficient
Oh, I’m so bananas I wear monkeys on my pajamas
Nutty buddy… frama lama, Lean from Seattle to Alabama
Letting y’all know from the jump, I represent God no shame
Bars over beats that bump, I represent God no shame
Sicker than the H1N, 1 go run tell a friend
We lean it we mean it, and you can lean with us so do it like this as we lean


I’m a cool kid from the North, West and I lean to the left
Swag when I do my lean, plus… all of my verses clean
K to the E-N-D, I be the fresh MC
Basketball is my sport, I’m nice on the mic and the court
Man I’m tight on a trap track, looking real clean in a snap back
Even as a pre-teen dreamin’, Staying on point when I’m leaning
Oh, my competition, get jealous cause they wishing
Oh, I’m so loco, and I got the rap game in a choke hold
K-E-N-D-I, fresher than grandmas pie
Jesus boys so fresh, we choose life not death
Black white purple or green, everybody do that lean
Lean dab and dip Nae Nae Dougie shake back to the break