1. Bananas
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I am the Kendi Fresh nothing more nothing less
Nothing to it watch me do it watch me lose it just confess
Yes I’m sicker than pneumonia, yes I’m back up in ya focal
And I’m gonna bring my vocal to the locals, hit ‘em with a drop and they go loco
Stupid dumb, stupid dumb, where you get yo stupid from
Stupid meaning stupid nice, so dope =that you really gonna lose it twice
Rock with me lean with me, act up cause a scene with me
Dad act like a teen with me come and lose it with Gene and me
Blow like nitro, I go bananas
I hit this mic so savage, way above average get this cabbage
Eat feast beast do it in the name of the prince of peace
I am way up in the stratosphere the baddest here I cease to understand
The people gonna wave they hands know my brand
Kendi fresh I snap back rubber bands
Rub my hands together got another there’s no other
Kendi fresh trending trendy bending bendy like a pretzel
Going to another level

Chorus: Ay yo get crazy with me, ay yo let’s go bananas
And then we’ll feed bananas to the hungry apes and pandas
Ay yo let’s hit the ceiling, ay yo let’s catch the feeling
Ay yo let’s lose it for Him go loco on this vocal

I am the Kendi Fresh nothing more nothing less
And I’m way up they can’t see me even if they had a set
Of binoculars I'm shocked you were =even for a second so popular
Man these MCs make me yawn... It’s on
Over these tracks that slap slap slapper
I'm Kendi Fresh that smooth young rapper
Known to be swagged out sometimes dapper
Putting them Jesus boys on the mapper
2 to the 5 to the ticky tick 3
K to the E N diggy diggy D
Musically lyrically what I do go together like a symphony
Hot like yoga namaste listen to the words my momma say
Too young to drive but I drive my point
Home, flown here to Rome
Spaceships take trips party on the moon and make chips
Rock the club with no ID
Headed to the palace so come with me