1. Cool With Me
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Cool With Me-

Uh… What’s hot who’s cool? Who defines it who sets the rule?
Does it matter bout the clothes that ya git in? Does it matter who claims that you fit in?
As long as you doing you, think about it who else you gonna do?
Even if they say yo look ain’t fly… Step down the hall with your head held high
Matter fact come sit with me or I’ll sit with you cause that’s what we do
Some people might think you’re different, keep ya distance and just don’t listen
When they dissin the fact that’s missing it’s real evident when the problem’s with them
Like a penguin with a limp on snow, you still cool with me so let’s go

You got crazy hair or dress like a square
A big nose or hand me down clothes
If ya talk funny do or don’t have money
If you’re skinny chubby or stutter as long as you doing your thang

I got all kinda different friends some tall some fat some short some thin
Some who talk funny and some in wheelchairs some who got braces or freckles on their faces
All different races people from every continent and we all compliment
Rich or poor and everything between yo we still cool its nothing to me
Name brands or rocking generics sometime I rock generics it’s how you wear it
You might think Kendi Fresh is so cool but truthfully I’m goofy be
Hind the scenes I Lean on camera but then the outtakes will make your belly ache laughing
I don’t take me that serious I’m cool in my skin, hey we all different


God created me and He don’t make mistakes, and yeah He made you so let them haters hate
Keep ya head high keep smiling, keep loving yourself all the while and
Natural hair or braids a tight fade or a colorful mop, just rock what you got
Even if I ain’t rocking Yeezus, man I know I got some Jesus
And Jesus walks you can ask Kanye, and if they tease us then I say
Pardon me but I’m feeling myself, I’m so official I wear a whistle
Confidence the new swag, looks are skin deep but take a peek
Inside… the real you come through, stay authentic and true