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I Can Do All Things

Yo… The K to the E to the N-D-I
Fresh…There’s nothing about me that’s trendy I
Guess… I’m about to take off the limits I have no limits
But I’m not signed to no limit we independent-ly giving the
World something new I can do all things through Christ
With Him in my life I walk in the light He gimme the love and the strength to fight
Running my race, steady the pace
Hit ‘em with highs and I hit ‘em with bass
Put on a track Imma rhyme, gimme a watch and I time
Next to a diamond I shine, brightly there’s none like me
It’s unlikely I stop and I quit I’m hot and I spit, deliver it deliberate
I’m giving it just how I’m living it, over the rhythm it’s believable
And if I can believe it I can achieve it blessing and I will receive it

I Can Do All Things (2x) I put my mind to it, then I jump in and do it
I Can Do All Things (2x) through Christ who gimme the strength
The strength to go the length

Tell me who said it…
That rap about God ain’t mainstream they gon regret it
Headed to spread it the news is better than good so come up and get it
Gassing ‘em super unleaded, passing ‘em through till they shredded
Grater, Dippin on all of these haters just like a waiter
Serve ‘em like steak and tomatoes request and I cater
Talking to Him and I’m pleasing and believing all I’m achieving
Yes I am thankful yes I am grateful, you are a hater you’re hateful
Give ‘em no space in my mind, give ‘em no piece of my time
Vision so big that is scary, man Imma conquer the earth
Maybe you think that I’m crazy but I been this way from my birth
A doctor a lawyer a scientist, a pilot an actor I’m buying this
Belief that I can do all things I set my mind to

I am the Kendi the fresh I'm coming up on you so look up look up
React to the fact I'm Flipping the game on its back and you Shook Up Shook Up
Body this track on a 16 so fresh and so clean that I'm pristine
I represent God and it's odd at this age that I carry my faith on the stage
On your mark get set hot track with the fresh flow
Triple these bars go twice as strong than MC's that been doing it twice as long
Look in my eyes I'm serious, just think of where I'll be in 10 years
My flow will keep fully developing, running circles around all my peers
And I might blow nitro unlike no MC on the mic yo
Power I tower like Eiffel give you an ear full give you an eye full I am Christ full Christ filled it's official mic drop this track is killed