1. Clutch
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Chorus: When the pressure on, man I gotta be clutch
When the lights are brightest man I gotta be clutch
Some panic in (run from) the moment, me? Not so much
Alpha Dogs (Real ones) know when they gotta be clutch

What’s pressure? Situations blown up in your mind, trying to give you perception that it’s tougher than it look
Look you been thru tougher circumstance, take a chance trust your preparation and ya hard work put in that hard work
It’s go time and in no time Imma hit ‘em with a flurry of dope lines
The KE, N DI I, be fly I be high, I be up like way up =and I fully intend to stay up
On my game and my flame, it burn yo, inferno
Faith over fear, quick but never hurry, I be cool as Curry, winners they never worry and
Whiners are never winners and veterans and beginners
Feel pressure… the advantage is veterans manage it
Now or never whatever you think you probably right
=When I focus on the dub then the doubt takes flight
Confidence on 100 man, it’s difficult to shake it
You say it is what it is, =but I say it’s what I make it


In the morning I rise up, open eyes up, size up, my competition
In the mirror, the only one who can stop the vision
I’m so blind to the hatas that I read braille
But I’m hot to the masses check my retail
Some of them say that they’re grinding, don’t know the timing I’m in
Vesting and I’m never resting, I’m in pursuit of my blessing
The press come and the pressure come, I don’t stress and I don’t run
I’m clutch like a 5 speed, and a countdown all I need
Like 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, I got more see you done
I show you twice like a rerun, I know the price to be the one
I can’t shrink back, I can’t run and hide, I gotta own the moment, gotta step out and shine
Shine on, climb on I rhyme on since I’m on
You might falter in my lane but ice water in my veins
I dreamed of this since I was 3… no amount of pressure get the best of me…. No sir