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Nuttin but Love

See I put God first man you know the deal
And my fam got love and the love is real
Kendi fresher than a hot batch of rolls out the oven
I'm familiar like a cousin and you know that they love him
It's a whole lotta haters and I pay em no mind
Cause I'm all about love and I'm on my grind
And I find it amusing but sad
People spend they whole life mad and they don't know why
At a sister at a brother one of another color
We are the same brotha
Let's bring the light of the Son
It's for all mankind not forsaking one
Love is the answer the cure for cancer
Of unforgiveness and hate-I love em, forgive em,
And keep on living cause life's too short for that
I got nothing but LOVE

Chorus: People in my family people in my neighborhood people in my circle I got nothing but love
Everyone supporting me, everyone believing in me they know I got nothing but love
No room for hate in my heart, cause hate will tear you apart
Fresh start… but love

Man the world need a little mo love
The kind of love between people we were born to be equal
The story started rough some chapters lethal but y’all pay attention to the sequel
We living today, tomorrow got no guarantees
People killing one another over what they believe
Dudes dying like rats in the streets for cheese
Kids starving overseas and they sick with disease
Mental illness, cancer, what’s the answer
When we see another brother gunned down
By cops or kinfolk, we protest them most
But we our own worst enemy
Love win in the end so let’s step up the game
Aim a finger at ourselves it’s the day to proclaim
God’s love, and love conquers all it faces
Now we coming up aces, all races places