From the recording Looking Up


Yo... Mic check one two, life in the balance what we gonna do?
Mic check three four, everybody wanna win why keep score
Got a whole lot and we still want more
Better wake up we're in spiritual war
War in the middle east war in the streets
War in my mind can't get no peace
Get no sleep, Gitmo deep
With men we keep and men we fear
Gangs police guns pop
So many young black men drop
Children took across borders
Christians killed on orders
It's about time we pray
So much darkness even in the day
So much suffering can God hear us
If so please my God be near us
So much rhetoric lost wanna steer us
Tip toe no more I walk fearless
Let's take it to the streets
The time has come to feed not eat
Why keep talking why not action
We we divided into so many factions
Yo... Let's lay aside weight
And with endurance run this race
Count it all joy when we face trials
Everything gained through it so worthwhile
As the rich man chase paper
The rich man don't see he chase vapor
All for a piece of the pie
Stepping on each other with your head held high
Yeah, it's the American way
But look around see what Americans weigh
Whole lotta wasteline whole lotta waste
Super size gluttons stuffing our face
Good taste but leaves us sick
We like a time bomb tick tick
Veterans climate suffering depression
We can turn a corner to a blessing
Possess less stress less
Focus on the hungry sick and depressed
Well let's get it on
God empowered us and passed the baton

Yo let's change the world (8x)

Everybody wants the money Mayweather
Everybody want the Creflo Dollar
Everybody wants the mansions treasure
Everybody wants the whole enchilada
Preacher rob people from the pulpit
Better hope God don't throw a full fit
Let me say it with clarity
Trump don't understand income disparity
Why I speak about change
It's a God thing I can't explain
Jesus the gateway
We failed He nailed to make way
New heart new mind
New law new love to the blind
What it look like, it depend on
The view we have and the lens on
Get the people out the land of the clueless
Mankind as a team we can do this
No excuses I choose this
Path even if I get scars and bruises
Be strong the strength of the One
Whose sent cannot be pent
It's a blueprint to get you out the projects
Gotta coach young men on the process
On purpose with new purpose
It's more than you see on the surface
Touch the planet with a mic and a drum track
Done that to the hood I come back
How do I win
When injustice and suffering end
Till then I'm disciplined and I run this
Race till the day I change the world

Change the world (8x)