1. Alright

From the recording Looking Up

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Feel good music... It's gonna be ALRIGHT!


OK, normally I'm a positive dude
With a positive life in a positive mood
But, sometimes when I think it's going my way
Something nutty happens and it all goes sideways
Cause in my mind there's a straight line of life
Then life happens and my sanity takes flight
My humanity brake lights profanity makes my
Sane side look crazy if you know what I mean
I mean c'mon it's first world problems I know
And we need sunshine and rain to make the flowers grow
I'm powerful and I got the power yo
To leave the stress at bay and dismay on the go but
Sometimes my life is like a civil war
I try to separate the sides but they quibble more
It's like something's eating at me about to nibble more
My thoughts be traveling if only they would dribble more

It's alright... Hey! On the days when the sun don't shine so bright
It's alright... Hey! Trouble may find me in this life
No matter what I see, whatever it may be
I'm a light, you're a light, it'll be alright

It's two lions on my shoulders one fear one faith
I decide which to feed which will become great
Life is full of uncertainty and twists of fate
Keep looking up with your head high don't quit the race
Imma live my life and enjoy this ride
And you can do the same only you decide
Imma run my race full of faith and vigor
See my problem may be big but my God is bigger
Seasons change people come and go
Money come and go it's a natural flow
And what I focus on grow so I look for the good
Where I find it in the suburbs and back to the hood
Keep my focus on the future leave behind the past
Be strong full of courage I was tested and passed
Gotta think like a winner let the rest of 'em chatter
In the end I'm alright and that's all that matter


Y'all serving up death call it making a killing
I devote my energy toward love and healing
Get a little ovation plus compensation
You get cash but I make change across the nation
If I fall ten feet Imma climb eleven
Gotta keep it coming strong keep my motor revving
If you ask me for six Imma give you seven
Imma ride this wave all the way to Heaven
Take the focus off myself look around for a second
Be a blessing to another sure cure for depression
See the game ain't won with your wealth or possessions
Your obsession is deception try a different direction
Love wins in the end when the faith begins
To shine brighter in a lighter in a room that's dim
Man, we can save a nation and a whole generation
Define faith together yo...

Chorus (repeat)