From the recording Presently Past The Future

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If competition healthy I’m a health nut
Many of em do it for the wealth but
I do it for the head above the door frame
Ready set aim hunt em like big game
See em the concrete jungle
Hunting down, every one of y’all that mumble
When it’s time for the rumble
Pop x 4 stumble, tumble
No it ain’t the Kid y’all used to
Maybe I don’t have it all, loose screw
No signal I’m cutting off Boost too
Kool as G rap y’all Juice Crew
You don’t intimidate...
Sucka... and I don’t discriminate…
So even if you a Young MC or an ODB
I can’t give a pass to no MC
Beat chop clean like soap
Bars need a pipe so dope
King of the bars call me bar king
Imma barking dog and no parking
On my street, or in my lane
Cause I’m burning my prey on a open flame
With a membrane that’s insane
Than Cypress he the nicest
Like this, Kid still on the scene
Call me Tiger Woods still on my green
No daddy growing up but I’m still alive
No car growing up still had drive
No label but I got plans, no worries cause I still got bands
And I got fans that clap hands, from Amsterdam to Pakistan
Ate every emcee got fat man, then I drop weight… lap bands
And Imma black man, so I’m strapped man, gold sales but I never gotta plaque man
In fact man… Take a minute trying to figure out where the rest of my stack man
I was lost fact and I lost track my life and I couldn’t let it cost that
New flower walk the street, spitting that heat in Amharic (thank you)
Rappers better scoot over I shoot over ‘em, Klay Thompson I accomplish in no time
With no crime and no prime time slot I stay hot
And once I open that knapsack
I peel your locks and naps back
And if it's matted I peel your mats back
When I snap back or clap back
Imma leave you on your back flat
Young boy no silver spoon
Pops not around still feel the wound
Never got an answer to heal the wound
Pops passed on too young too soon
Streets calling, beats calling
I chose the beats over streets
Teenage baller with the coldest flow
19 with a milli sold out the door
Industry hit me like two to the jaw
And I earned 7 figures that I never saw
And I spent a lot, and I lent a lot
My hands are dirty so I repent a lot
Pent a lot of anger
But I kept hitting 'em with bangers
In every city and venue
What's next on the menu, I continue
Presently Past The Future I'm still on the gas (x2)