1. Westsyde
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This here strictly for the bandanna Chuck Taylor khaki wearing OGs
Plaid shirt and locs singing this is for my homies
6-4 dip low Crip walk hip hop
Left side best side tell me why did it stop
Had the game sewn up, locked in the scope man
Had the whole world screaming dope man dope man
808 Bass got the city vibrating
Rollin El Cos 5.0’s sitting on Daytons
Paint job candy, hand me the mic
Gimme a G funk track Imma bring it right back (like that)
Back in the lab with a true knock
Coolio, Cypress, Spice 1, 2Pac,
Domino, Kid frost, Ice cube, Ice T
King T, Yo Yo stomping to the 90’s
Turn up twist up homie get a fist up
The classic west sound what the kid about to lift up


This is for my OGs from the west side and
Turn up and bump it in ya classic G ride
California love with a Seatown twist on it
Bring it back, let it slap as we pump a fist on it

This is for my BGs from the left side and
Turn up and bump it in ya fresh G ride and
Left coast def coast cool foe a minute
Now it’s time to get back in it

Ay yo it’s strictly just a Westside story I don’t expect the east
To relate to the point of the track in the least
But if they don’t feel it it’s about ten million
Westcoast hip hop heads in the building
Sac town Portland Seattle to the Bay
Vegas Vancouver Oaktown to LA
Como te llamas to the pretty little mamas
Kid Sensation dope period without the comma
Yeah, and all them haters big mad
Cause my raps bun red hot like a zig zag
Snoop Dog, Dog Pound, Short Dog, wait dog
E Dawg, Shake Dog the late great Nate Dogg (hold up)
Mac Mall, Mac 10, Mac Dre
Gospel Gangstas, E40, 4Tay
Turn up twist up homie get a fist up
The classic Westcoast sound Kid about to lift up


Everybody get into a big Maad Circle so you can dub C me
Coming from the Pharcyde so Quik and Easy
No skinny jeans tight shirts or preppy vans
Tone locs, Dickies, Nike Cortez and white tees man
Bringing back the Fad like JJ
Conscious Daughters, 357, Rage the Lady
Rodney O, Skee Lo NWA
Digital Underground, Cool Nuts and MC Eight
Warren G, Luniz and the Lench Mob Xzibit
Mix a Lot, Boo Yah Tribe pass to Kendrick
The hood is relaxed on chill from the gang truce
We on the rise unified after Nipsey came through
Dame Dolla, Quincy White, love God’s people right
Peace in LA streets, power moves Dre beats
Turn up twist up homie get a fist up
Westcoast back Kid Sensation bout to lift up