1. All Honesty

From the recording Presently Past the Future


Chorus – All honesty, honestly huh I grind for all of my people
I destroy all that is evil my apology honestly huh
I know that I’m making a mess but I know that I’m one of the best

Paint a picture better spirit emulation for the vision
Patiently waited I stayed in the basement cause I knew that I had to get it
Lifestyle got me livid know I gotta make a difference
You mess with the squad and the fam and
I promise to God that you really are trippin’
Ballin’ on ‘em Scottie Pippen you lacking knowledge quit the gimmicks
I keep it 100 my honesty’s fatal I know that they hate I’m so plated
Preach my wisdom to the youth good or evil they go choose
In the God and the beat I get I understand just how easy it is to get confused


Kid Sensation -
What can I say that hasn’t already been said hip hop already been dead
Murdered by artists who show no remorse
Poisoned by artists who take her off course
In the land of the free and the home of the brave
So many young men who’s thinking like slaves
So many young men in prisons and graves
So many youngins who need to be saved
I seen a lot in my years in the game
I see these frauds but I won’t say their names
And I hear ‘em chirpin’ but I just refrain
Cause my money younger than Nikki and Wayne
I’m very direct what you expect from a vet
What you expect me to sweat
They playin’ checkers they easy to check
See I’m playing chess and I’m staying fresh
Like Kendi it’s in me to give it my best
And I’m tellin’ these rappers to give it a rest
They so repetitive they like a sedative
Put me to sleep they ain’t competitive
God as my witness Kid is gonna flip this
He like a gymnast and I knew when I penned this
Rappers can’t hang if I gave ‘em a rope
Claimin’ they dope they end up in my scope


They just fillin’ they pockets sittin and watchin’
Yellin’ they comments I ain’t got no more options
Gonna tell the truth cause it’s who I am
I don’t really care if the news is bad
I just speak my mind and it’s moving fast
What’s wrong with that can you deal with that
Things fall apart when a bro is mad
Explosive passion speak to the people speak to the masses
I look to the stars I’m flyin’ with NASA
They try to stop me I keep moving faster
I’m livid I ride the future for the children
I run a race to the inches I think I found a consensus (2x)