1. Feelin' myself
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Blah blah blah did (you say something 3x) Feeling myself can’t (tell me nothing 3x)

It’s a real good day, MJ… (he he) bad in a good way (who’s bad)
Woke up feeling like a million, jumped up almost hit the ceiling
Winning, grinning on the right track, on the right team so exciting
It’s good to be alive I’m up I’m up I’m up like a G – 5
Flight from the Bay to the A, whoa… what a hater gonna say? Bro…
I’m just on one K? Savor the flavor Frito lay
Ride tracks like a train, hail from the city with the rain
Fall, still ball I feel good, living a lil bougie but still hood

Chorus: Feels good (x2) I’m feelin’ myself can’t (tell me nothing 3x)
Blah blah blah did (you say something 3x)? Feeling myself can’t tell me nothing

I broke up with my ex she a psycho, she all about injections and lipo
Found a real good wife yo, saved racks when I switched up to Geico
Yeah… Nothing bout me basic, pull up on your block in a spaceship
Stick around good people, it’s a good day looking for the sequel
Do it for the love not the cash flow, even if I’m getting that cash flow
But if I’m in a drought and the cash low, still won’t do it for the cash bro
Keep it simple pop like pimple, handsome lil drip plus dimples
Every day a little brighter, feeling myself like I’m looking for a lighter


Got more swagger than Old Spice, got more drip than warm ice
Stepping like a big boss, haters to side catch a big loss
Imma hold this bag no cap it swell, Imma let you hold this capital L
Triggered, remember I’m the one who said,
I spread love like Skippy on Wonder bread
Side chatter don’t matter… Couldn’t bring me down with a step ladder
Or an elevator, or a staircase, keep the bad energy out my airspace
Up lookin’ down on cloud 9, in my own lane do your own thang
I’m feelin’ like a champ with a belt, cause it feel real good and I’m feeling myself