1. Stank Face
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I’m a cool customer like I shop on the North Pole
Pharmaceutical grade dope I unfold
Like blankets, my raps wrap around keeping you cozy
I suppose we know exactly the purpose for which God chose me
To pew pew MCs cool ‘em off ten degrees
Often we sees whole lots of nothing but puffs
Of smoke and everyone snuffing dope
Stuffing dope rappers in the back wack rappers who rap wacker
Make you go ugh… but it ain’t Master P listen as I master the
Lyrical flip styles Simone Biles
Parallel bars.. Stank Face… The funk make ya face twist like face lifts
When the bass kick, we making it shake to the matrix
Just taste it it’ll make you scrunch up your faces
Like someone let one set one minute on the timer
Watch this rhymer hit ‘em with bars and bass
That leave ‘em with the stank face

The fundamental truth, so very profound
Everyone and everything that goes up see it must come down
These wack dudes get smacked dude, white brown and black dudes
Couldn’t see me with an army and 2 spines to back you
You pay with a pound of flesh, I steadily pound my chest
Kong like King, listen close to the song I bring
I come full circle, rings turntables and protractors
Smackin’ the smile off of the grill of these posers and actors
Flippin’ up my hoodie with love to Trayvon and it stay on
So I stay dry, and I stay fly I don’t need to say why
An underdog underrated crushing all of these stock inflated
Emcees that get replaced and give ‘em the stank face

Funk Daddy spinning the record clockwise like clockwork and he get work
And he get love Serrato or techniques freaks the beats with many methods man
Wet like Steph with his hand releasing the rock from range
We got to gain, try to stop the rain, Seattle the city we from and yep we on top again
Stop it mayne… with all them claims that you dope
You couldn’t hang with a hook, monkey bars or 50 feet of rope