1. For the Love
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Certified dope on hot track…
On my game like a top hat
Whole lotta drip in my flow though
Whole lotta kick in my dojo
Zo call me Sensa, young boys in the game call me Sensei
Radio give them play, mindset Kunta Kente
Yellin no flex, giddy giddy when they get them checks
Not me I do for the culture, y’all circle round the hood like vultures
Rumble in the jungle, rumble young man rumble
I hear ‘em all mumble, I watch ‘em all tumble
I do it cause I’m so gifted, I do it so the people get lifted
I do it cause today is my season, I do it for right reason

Why I do what I do it for the love?
I do it for the love (2x)

Got the mic like a fist full, spit bars hotter than a pistol
Clear as a crystal, on my Sportscenter like Bristol
Smooth milk chocolate, I’m the captain in the cockpit
Don’t be shocked if, money find me like stock tips
Why do I spit rounds? Why do I get down?
Really to figure out why you stood up lil homie reconsider man sit down
Comin for so hard, gonna leave ‘em so scarred
Just going off the blueprint, gonna leave a shoe print
All up on they back side, every time they backslide
Into some of that mumble rap over trap rhythm and they giving repetition kinda wack like


Be on guard, stand firm, be courageous, be strong, do everything in love
By doing what you love you inspire and awaken the hearts of others

I do it for the youth… I do it for the truth
I do it cause I love all the people that I do it for II my heart desire to give ‘em more
Diggy diggy do what I do… on the platform solo no crew
Wump ditty wump… make the crowd jump (jump) jump (jump)
Ooh, I love my Jesus, Steph Curry Russell Wilson love Jesus
Drippy like a faucet, little homie better back up off it