1. Juntos
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Young boy used to be solo, hoppin out whips with the dolo
All up in the spot yelling yolo, shorty on deck from the promo
Shorty broke neck in the front row, trying to connect on the lo lo
Gotta put her up on the info, that ain’t my flow now kinfolk
Now I got you it’s a true thing, Now I got you as a boo thing
Got you fitted with a new ring, Now I got you as a new queen
When we apart we amazing, put us together we blazing
Hot like a torch in July, scorching like summer Dubai
Baby let’s ride Juntos

Bonnie and Clyde no tiene nada, Sonny and Cher, Hov and Bey Kim and Kanye Barak and Michelle Tom and Giselle Yoko and John Ciara and Russ

She caught my eye and my mind, caught my heart like a valentine
Stopped my heart like a tick tock, all them other girls gotta kick rocks
My commitment it’s locked, feel her like when a hit drop
She got my time like a wristwatch; she got my heart till it stops
Pics on the gram with me haters can’t stand that we
Chilling at the Grammys hotel lobby in our jammies and we living that fantasy
Ain’t gotta be exotic place, long as you in my space
Long as I’m in yo space, long as I can see yo face
Long as I can stay in your embrace

Will and Jada got nothin on Ozzie and Sharon, Chrissy and John, Teyana and Iman
Cardi Offset got nothin on Victoria and David, Garth and Trisha, Swiss and Alicia

Spicy lil mama, don’t got too much drama
On my life that’s my wife, keep it locked tight yeah that’s my wife
Shotgun in a new range, we own it 2 chainz
Hotta than butane, stole my heart Boonk gang

Pauletta Denzel, Kristen and Chance, William and Kate, Gwen and Blake,
Cookie and Magic, J Lo and Alex, Kevin and Kyra, Gerard and Shakira