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K-I-D from the S-E-A
I kick it old school but it’s relevant today
Raised on that feel good original hip hop
Gather round and listen to the sound of a hit drop
Posse on Broadway my debut
Emerald City posse and the MIxalot crew
Nastymix Records when we jumped on the scene
With a quarter million sold before the age of 18

Ay yo it’s K to the E to the N-D-I
Young boy hotter than the 4th of July
People pay attention cause I’m getting that bag
Girls say I’m litty cause I got that swag
By the time I was 9 made the whole world lean
Now I’m taking over and I’m only 14
But what do you expect when you put Kendi Fresh
On stage or a studio session

It’s a blessing for me to spit raps after 30 + years
Switching up the style like a car switch gears
Cause I made it out the hood and I made it off the streets
On stage at the Grammys repping Rainier Beach
I do it for the people and I do it for the cause
But I don’t do it for the accolades or applause
And I don’t smoke dope and I don’t drink liquor
And my mixtape needs no parental guidance sticker

I’m fire in the booth and I’m lit on the stage
I’m more lit than emcees twice my age
You heard what he said I’m weak I’m dead
That’s why you got no bars and you getting no bread
A beast in the booth and a beast with the pen
But don’t make me dial up the beast from within
Respected in the cypher so they pass it to me twice
And the ladies eight to eighty make the crowd go crazy

Y’all don’t really want the work me and Kendi on that old school track
Head knocker flow with no mumble no trap
They call you quick but they call me quicker
I’m so throwback that they call me flea flicker
Cold party rocker with a 2020 flow
Ladies say ow and the fellas say ho
Just two microphones and two turntables
And two emcees that are willing and able

Kendi kinda trendy spit dope out the gate
Bars in the booth since before I was eight
Imma aim for ya with the flamethrower
Comfortable in rugged terrain range rover
Wake up thank God Kendi stay grateful
Dre beats on and I'm blocking out the hateful
With the Northwest weather better cop an umbrella
No I’m not Jay Z but I’m known to Roc A Fella

I’m a microphone master super rhyme maker
Don’t do dope it’s a super time waster
Cold as a blizzard, microphone wizard
On my green like skin on a lizard
Go ahead and count up the treasures you bring
Then reckon with the truth there was only one king
I’m a fresh emcee who He set free
He walks with Kanye now he walks with me

These old heads know that the young boy litty
I kick it like Mesi and I rep my city
Back to the future I let ‘em all know
I’m an 05 baby with an 85 flow
I got a way with wordplay I made this slap
I got away with murder cause I slayed this track
And I mash up the old school make it sound so cool
Hip hop needed this on the undefeated list