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A few of ‘em wonder where he at
The game in need of another feel good track
Well, guess who’s back to backslap
All the wack emcees who rap for cheese they rap degrees
Equal zero they hot as an ice block
I step up, spit it, walk off, mic drop
Where them real bars at? That’s the question
And I’m the answer like Iverson, making it fly again
To come with straight fire
Birds or Snoop Dog none can get flyer or higher
But not with the herbs
I burn down stages and mics with these words
Cause some of y’all basic as cable
Stable as a 1 – legged table, unable
To deliver the rhyme but I’m similar to Amazon prime
I flow spit it then I’m at ya do wit it (get it)

To all the people in the building if you got the feeling - Let’s start this (2x)
And to the people in your chair get your hands in the air - Let’s start this (2x)
It goes two for the bass, one for the treble, c’mon everybody take it to another level Let’s start this (3x)

Pure dope ness delivered
Art from the artist, I’m ready to start this
Party on the good foot true as the good book
Critics gimme good looks or get their goods shook
I don’t got a Rolex but I gotta Bowflex
So if you in my zone I suggest you no flex
50 meters deeper, with kilohertz in your speakers
Slide aside appetizer here come the main feature
With bars that written to lift a nation
Kid Sensation’s blueprint for the next generation
Of young kings and queens, follow your passion and purpose pursue dreams
Go hard for your vision, and when them haters chatter play deaf and don’t listen
Get a clear picture lock in on your mission
Take what’s yours and don’t ask permission


I’m flippin’ the style up, while up in the booth giving the proof
Wit a 1, 2 mic checkin’ the neck and I flex and I’m giving the truth
Like a flame thrower when I’m spittin’ these hot combustible shots
And the game over when the lames get caught up in the scope and shot
Fired I’m givin’ the people a rhythm this a throwback
Like flea flickers and fish you caught in a dirty river…
Sammy Davis the third, Nat King kizzle kicking the riddle
Making it plain when I explain taking off like a jet plane yeah
I’m bringing it back to old school and its so cool
Every time I’m dropping a dime starting it off with a bang
Ready to bang out I’m <skipping a rhythm and giving em another style, in a verse and I don’t curse
Ready to disperse the antidote, feeling the fire and the smoke wanna inspire and give hope, to so I go higher with the flow, to all of the people that want to listen get in position and Imma start this I’m ready to win from the time I begin