1. One
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Chorus: One, One... Different skin hair and eyes, got to realize
We’re one, One... no matter what you believe, one day we got to see… We're one

Ricky and Sean been as cool as aid
Stayed close as a shave since they was in first grade
Inseparable in class and recess the best of friends
Pinky swore they BFF’s until the end
Sean checked with mom so they set up a play date
Ricky was ready to get dropped off but wait
They didn't know about his color of skin
Sent Ricky home, without letting him in


Jeff and Tanya dated over year
Their love was undeniable intentions were clear
They were head over heels totally in their feels
Finished each other’s sentences and shared their meals
Tonya beautiful woke smart supported a brotha
A dime-dizzle you take home to mother
But moms hate for another race came into play
She didn't know Tonya's color sent 'em both away


Kevin driving home from a long day
Tired and his car had a little sway
Lights in the rear view pulled over
Parked on the freeway right shoulder
Get your license hands up get out but don't move
See my gun in your face do it now are you confused?
Seconds later hunter takes his prey
Cop saw Kevin's color and he blew him away


At a restaurant a man and his wife sat across the aisle
Enjoying a laugh and a meal and a smile
When suddenly he blue-face but not the emcee
Or blue man group he was choking on soup
A doctor came up to offer her help
The wife pushed her back and asked for someone else
Her husband breathed his last that day
She saw the color of the doctor and she pushed her away