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Green light John Legend Andre, flavor like flambe’
Yeah she the bomb bay, way more tasty than the entrée
Sweet and in season, she give me good reason
Dipped in deep into the chocolate, tastebuds on overload girl stop it
Dime piece cutie pie, she the apple of my eye
Hug the curves like a motorbike, She the left hand third finger type
She my good thing good measure, search for her soul like a good treasure
My oh my my Mrs, strawberries and chocolate delicious

Chorus – Strawberries and chocolate I gotta come back for more
Strawberries and chocolate the treat I’m looking for
Strawberries and chocolate sweet as the girl next door
Strawberries and chocolate… She’s my…

I’ll take her straight no plate, I can taste the chocolate can’t wait
Smile like a sunrise, look deep into her brown eyes
We in tune like a symphony, the minute she gone I’m missing the
Sweet taste pretty face, she the queen to this king plus the ace
She smooth I’m a little rough, but she don’t sweat little stuff
Smart cookie spiritually she, keep me thinking bout my sweetie
God made a masterpiece, perfect to my palate you have to be
Tasty legendary, smooth chocolate with a sweet strawberry


Melt to the touch, it’s like a middle school crush
Skip the meal first thing I savor, she the real bursting with flavor
Other girls is so extra, I got only one I’m next to
Side chicks got a big plot, get your FIFA game up girl kick rocks
I got my forever love, you and me together love
You’re a gift a treasure love, serving you my pleasure love
Once I had a nibble, I knew I had to have a little
More of the fruity and sweet, delectable treat
Strawberries and chocolate