1. Good Vibes

From the recording Presently Past the Future

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Woke up feelin like a million, jumped up almost hit the ceiling
Gotta thank God for another day, feelin good vibes I must say
Scroll through the texts and alerts, Derek hit me and we gotta get work
Kitchen smelling like good home cooking, see my wifey like ay good lookin
Good lookin on the toast and the omelet, lil fruit on the side now I’m set
Crispy… Fitted so fresh, haters miss me, feelin so blessed
Got FINAO on my chest, got my mind on success
Couple meeting couple checks, changing the world no stress

Good Vibes (repeat – Xola) Nah – nah I’m feelin good vibes

World gotta whole lotta cray cray, can’t let the cray ruin my day
Way up and I plan to stay up like they say I can’t do
Cause I’m from the south side and I’m from the coast left
But why they wanna act like, they don’t know about that north west
Cooler than a fan blades That’s why they throw the man shade
I’m God not man made, they come for me like gators in the Everglades
Down the block Tom Cruise, avenues with the good news
Change the narrative to good views some of us really good dudes

If you ain’t on this good vibe just walk away
If you ain’t on my good vibe then clear the way

Good vibes good news in a good way
Today been a good day, triple double like O’ Shea
En mi Espanol like no se, me siento genial
Mi vida y Dios son genial, y’all knew from beginning
Me and my team winning