1. Run this Race
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I'm a go getta I'm a hard hitta...
I'm a fire spitter with a live Twitter
Burn rubber on 'em drop flame on 'em
Blow the frame on 'em I Usain on 'em
Switch lanes on 'em I take the crown with ease
Make it rain on 'em I cool 'em down degrees
Bonafide banger certified slapper
Verified viral God threw a tight spiral
So I (run) Tyler Lockett take off like a rocket
Then I (run) on this track flow be in the pocket
Then I (run) through a line of haters never fumble that
Bars is realer than Rikers it ain't no mumble rap
I'm a lyrical cheat code game sliders on 99
And when I go beast mode these devils they fall in line
No time to recline we in a seesaw battle
See I saw the pain and the misery turn into victory

I run this race and I run this pace
And I run give chase goal in front of my face
Yeah I run (repeat) this race

Bring the energy excitement to the game you can call me
Michael Jack Thriller I'm a track killer
RIP Nipsey X Bushwick and Mac Miller
I pray they knew the Chosen I pray you know Him too
Cause no cap this New Era is just a preview
In the blink of an eye the race over bruh
In the blink of an eye the vapor over sir
So I keep it running running
And I'm sippin’ on nothing but living water
And I'm cooking like saucepans when the temperature gettin hotter
I run with a purpose run with a vision
I run with the swiftest I run with a mission
And bringing the light and the love and the grace of a
Sinner who winning the race I run at a pace for the prize
Like I'm running for life as I’m running through life as I'm running for Christ