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Maharaji – Hooptie hoppin’ ferry non stoppin’
Bremelo Blockin’ super bads are flockin’
It’s the Maja rollin’ Rainier
Dancing like a freak in my Gore-tex gear
No matter if you don’t like us Swass is who we be
My baddie’s independent we like Russ and Cee-Cee
Platinum from the start Northwest Beatles
Smokin’ local wax on the top of the needle

Attitude Adjuster – Ay Ay it’s the homie double-A
Attitude in the blue S 5 gotta dip it my way
Livin’ life I really been blessed I really don’t want the stress
If you hatin’ keep it skatin’ I can smell it on your breath
Keep it movin’ on that grind, never looking back behind
Gotta elevate your mind utilizing all my time
I don’t blow with the wind hang out with the same old friends
Hustle to the very end God forgive me for my sins

Maharaji – Seward Park kingpin Lake Chelan weekends
Oh by the way stop at Dick’s cause I’m fiendin’
Yakima to the cove in the Beemer on the road
All this Northwest juice got me feeling like I’m Hov
Quarantine with my team we be in the Matrix livin’ dreams
Addicted to the shine and the grind Bezos billions with my partners in rhyme

Attitude Adjuster – Stays humble I’m motivated
Hundred proof never concentrated
Attitude the homie navigating in the traffic
Keep the Nina on my hip just to minimize the static
I’m a Westcoast recipient Hilltop breed
Love my life how it is cause I keep it sucka free
Giving thanks I appreciate the fact I get to breathe
Love my kids with all my heart spend more time on my knees


E Dawg – I’m in a 550 with something bad with me
Skin tone like Jiffy bout to hit it out the park Griffey
My entourage really trippin’ off this broad
Ask Maharaj he said the body all off
Facts Mix said Baby Got Back
Kid Sensation sideline lookin’ at me like who’s that
She got that 808 kick drum make the homies want some
She said wifey material and she ain’t trying to share none

Kid Sensation – at home away from home
Beemer blacked out tinted on the 20-inch chrome
I went from Kid to Xola I’m a man full grown
But I’m still young enough to hit this microphone full grown
Got a call from Maharaji I guess he still feelin’ his youth too
Said he gonna reunite the members of the old and new crew
I’m no longer a kid no I don’t stunt like I used to
But Razor drop the flavor track is nutty as a loose screw
So I had to jump on it get it Mix? Jump on It
With me and the Kendi Fresh family business to the death

Kendi Fresh – man I love it when the beat snap
Hello hater nation it’s the 2nd generation of the K-I-D sensation
Kendi Fresher than the freshest

Kid Sensation – outta the lab outta the house outta the dark
Now it’s words of life comin’ out my mouth
I’m throwback like Dojack when Seward used to slap
When the CD was mostly black we was the soul of the city


Sir Mix A Lot – I’m all growed up I keep it sewed up
And yeah I showed up and blowed up but hold up
Don’t get to twitchin’ and trippin’ cookin’ this up in the kitchen
E.C.P. kickin’ no quittin’ clickin’ the syllables hittin’
Ease up don’t get it bent we was geed up but then we cleaned up
Me and Kid Sensation loading speakers in my rig
Doin’ $30 gigs for the kids that was town biz
CD was hood you see me we good
We hittin’ Music Menu then we heading to the venue
Those were the days but my days ain’t done
I’m giving good game to these daughters and sons
My whip game tight doors up when I come through
RS 7 is my daily on the stock shoes
My lettuce is fresh see my lettuce let us eat
It’s just another day we committed come see me