From the recording Presently Past the Future


Ballers... Coolin' in Seatown
Hip hop giants keepin' it held down
Rollin' with the ECP and ya see me
Wait a minute Kid don't forget about me
Attitude Adjusta armed with a mic
And sick wit it when he
In the mood to strike
Taking over radio all across the nation
Seattle crown prince its KId Sensation
Livin' large snack on deck
Got racks on deck no crack on deck
Click so blessed we feel no stress
Attitude Maharaji Mix and Nes
Larry, Punish, PLB, Critical
Book, Mike, Linn, Dale, L1, Skill yo
Players in effect
Making suckas wanna holla
We the Emerald City Posse
And we Seatown Ballers

Ballin' is all about the image your givin'
To be in the game
You gotta make a legal livn'
Sellin' ain't the only way brothas come up
Cause when you're caught
The road gets rough
Not this kid imma do the right thing
Think of all the blessings
That knowledge can bring
It leads to life as a baller
Cold high rollin' livin' white collar
Rainier Avenue baller heaven
Me and my snack up in 7-Eleven
Beemer on chrome and we step out hot
Michelle and Barack
Of the Emerald City blocks
Girls sweat me like they doin' burpees
All we wanna do is get a couple slurpees
Hopped in the ride we was on our way
You know the end of that day
We Ballers