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Seattle is the city where I hail from -
Tacoma where the fam currently reside
Stories from my growing up I tell some
CD to the Hilltop Southside
To Waterfront Seward Park Greenlake
Seatown Ballers made the team cake
Ghost on them haters cause they seem fake
Hakeem Alajuwan dream shake
Growing up no one paid attention
Then I got the bag now they start to mention
Siamese to paper like a pension
Connected to dope like an extension
Like whoa... see the rain alright
Like whoa... the sunshine bright
Like whoa... Kid Sensation rhyme tight
Sorta like a headlock, kinda like a dreadlock

Rain like the Northwest left coast
But it's sunshine, in the summertime
No matter what the weather I’m, feeling real good, feeling real good today (2x)

Kendi Fresh drippy like a leak
On the mic keep it humble keep it meek
Thought I fell off bruh I'm weak
Cause low key Kendi on a streak
Oh no... Bae she swear that she a dime
Oh no... Curve I got no time
Oh no... the flow must continue
I serve the thirsty ones from the menu
You knew this Brutus I brutally slay
Any microphone stage or emcee in my way
Young but woke, no cap I'm no joke
Kendi sippin tea rain or sun it's me