1. I Betcha Won't


Mama such a pretty woman she was 29
My brother about eight and I was just seven we were living our lives
One rainy day you came her way with smooth words and a smile
She went on a date what a big mistake she didn’t know your profile

I bet you won’t hit my mama now I got a little bit older
Cause if you pull that ish again you better be looking over your shoulder
No it ain’t OK me and my brother we don’t play
We’re much bolder I bet you won’t hit my mama now that I’m older

We didn’t have much oh life is tough but we had each other
My pops bounced out left us alone it was all on my mother
She worked so hard and she was so strong but you could make her weak
Every time she wanted to rise you tried to crush her dreams
Started out cool but then you turn crazy like you flipped a switch
Saw it with my own eyes pushed my mom and then you called her a –
I won’t say but


Bridge - Mama told us it would be OK but you only got worse
Punched her kicked her broke her arm and took money from her purse
Apologized a thousand times and she took you back
Why oh why Mama would you let a man treat you like that

Rap - Feeling like a big man a bruiser you was nothing but a lowlife abuser
Things better now you’re not around my mama all done getting knocked around
I was too small to fight you you want to smoke now Imma light you
If we cross paths again now that we both full grown men
I don’t need to squeeze on ya I can walk the d’s on ya
I heard when you out on the streets bite-sized dudes used to put you to sleep
We forgave we ain’t slaves to unforgiveness but keep your distance
Do you see my mama by chance stop and freeze
Cause if you flex I taught her to cock and squeeze