1. Switch Lanez
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Chorus: Switch lanes (8x)

Seasoned vet surviving in a young man’s game
Mindset different than a young man’s brain
On a different level I have to explain
Next level math I’m on the x plane
And I made it from the Seatown streets=with a few scrapes
Never caught a bullet and never caught a case
Hustled in the studio slanging rhyme and bass
Pockets got Puffy, Bad Boy and Ma$e

Switched lanes from Kid to X-O- let’s go from a CD =o a MP3 this emcee be
Fresher than Colgate, streamed like Netflix and I found my soulmate =o I leave the next chick
And exit, X hit bang, bang connected to Kid S chain gang
Slept on more than a mattress or a chill pill or NyQuil

This be no cap like Chance the rapper wearing a beanie
Lyrically ain’t none of y’all haters could see me
Like Seasons things change and he bees in his lane
They sees him in a Range, they seize him and detain
No weed or cocaine license plate 2 legal rhymes too lethal, cause the Kid too diesel
With X… Connected like 2 chains 2 times in 2 years I travel 2 lanes

Switching styles flip the frame, I go wild switching lanes
On these lames different day but everyone sounds the same
I ain’t puffin poppin nothing, cranberry no Bacardi
Ooh nah nah, la di dah di, rock stadium or party
In a house on a boat on a roof 100 proof
In a coupe lane switchin and I’m gonna keep these hatas wishing…
For my talents, my balance, next flow blessed flow from the x o lets go

Potholes and Pirelli’s don’t mix when I see ‘em hit the blinker then switch
Road to riches like I’m G-Rap, haters don’t see that blind to the fact, I don’t even react
On the gram, when I post it’s who I am, I rarely boast
I cut with Razor heard and felt yo pass the baton to myself

We toasting while them dudes keep posting
We on the gas while you coasting
Got ‘em quiet on the side say less couple bands on the drip, stay fresh
Chicks question, like I’m a witness I tell ‘em 6 feet, social distance
Keep ya kool aid, you ain’t Jim Jones I tell her kick rocks, like the Flintstones

Check my blind spot, since I rhyme hot a few haters want me in a pine box
But I keep whippin’ catch a fade and a knot Scottie Pippen
Shifting in a 6 speed follow lead Zimmeman best not follow me
Or swallow the, flame from the ready aim when you follow God’s son then you fair game

Fast lane past lames, never gonna take the safe route
Maintain my thang never been the one to chase clout
Realer porque la familia quiere que gane
Run my race to the finish win the =circuit and I win the day
Imma Shift, Imma shift, X-O-L-A he too swift
Keep the pace, keep the pace but they whip is not equipped
With the punch with the punch got the motor in my trunk
That’s exotic they don’t know and I'm Supersonic with the flow