1. Live Our lives
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Man… I’m just walking down the street trying to catch a lil piece of the morning breeze
So what’s up with the questions miss why you all up in my business and face like this
I ain’t broke no laws I ain’t bothering you now go on over there with that lady you do you
You don’t need to know my name or see my key or my ID
I’m going in this building minding my own catching all your Karen-ism on my phone
I ain’t talking to you I don’t answer to him it’s all these other folks walking by talk to them
Seem like we can’t drive can’t walk can’t sleep can’t eat can’t barbeque without you
All up in the grille with that yang-yang so I gotta dismiss you the same thang

We just trying to live our lives (2x)
So quit with the questions that your asking, calling the police and harassing
We just trying to live our lives

Yo... Tell me what you see when you see my face when you looking at me
The skin I’m in is it sin to you these days bringing on a little Deja vu
We forgiving loving kind look deep but y’all keep messin’ with us you gonna see
Inequality, poverty and racism pipeline us from schools to they prisons
I heard y’all say it’s getting better pipe down Kid you getting cheddar
Like I got case of bad amnesia about the injustice I still see bruh
I speak the truth, reach the youth like a hood DA I bring the proof
Hear the echoes of MLK still feeling like the dream on layaway

Ya told the cops a black man out to get cha, hoping they would pop me out the picture
No I’m not a thug or a threat or a menace, volley that nonsense back like tennis
Can’t figure out why y’all so hateful, love to the ones showing love and grateful
For our contributions, meeting problems with real solutions
What do they see when they see us, study our culture in a tanning bed to be us
We educated and cool you discover, don’t judge a book by the cover
Don’t come for my wife and son, they ain’t the two and I ain’t the one
Come for mine and imma touch you up, let us live our lives man we had enough