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I'm in that 1980 with the all white guts
Plus the all white top
No my caddy don't stop
Cherry red plus it's stock
From the wood to the wheels
Original miles can't describe
The way them plush seats feel
On the streets when they see me
They applaud and they pause
Pulling up clean to the light
Red and white Santa Claus
Bringing the good news paperboy
More than just a paperboy
On the trail of money ain't no need
To be a hater boy
Dirty south track but my accent
Ain't southern
Got a northwest swagger plus
I got some country cousins
All the way from Flagstaff to Gainsville
Oh I serve it really real
Now we serving worldwide
El Dorados and Sevilles
Chromes and the Coupe De Villes
Serving up the Son truth
Now we gonna serve it trill
Sounds out the sunroof
Gotta keep it hotter than a burning shack
Swerving back all of them haters
Be knowing I be Serving in my Caddilac

It ain't what you think but I be
Serving in my Cadiliac
Don't smoke or drink but I be
Serving in my Cadillac
Clean as I lean back (2x)
Serving in my Cadillac

Ay yo I switch it to the Escalade truck
On chrome left home in a zone
Just got off the microphone
Got this banger in my system
Call my fellas and get with 'em
Cause they down to serve it with me
And we parking lot pimpin'
Never fear the law cause I keep my
license plates up to date
I'm insured Allstate so I cruise and I skate
With them personalized plates
Let them haters know I'm favored
We guerilla boys on the winning team
And we major
Major, major and you stuck in the minors
Eating grits Mel's diner and we on
to something finer
Swerving serving you the truth that's
What Imma do
Cadillac doors be slamming serve you
Like ya mama do
If your Caddy custom
Or ya stock off the block
If ya old school classic or its
Hot off the lot
Be the one with the one rolling slow
Sitting low leaning back
You can try and see me man
I'm serving in my Cadillac