1. Power of One

From the recording Songs for Change


The Power of One

What if I dream, what if I say, that I’ll lift my voice make a choice today
What if I move, what if I see, that the power of change rests inside of me
The power of 1 (4x) Change gotta start with me

Verse 1:

What if I made a decision to stop wishing
And turn the thoughts into action and action to change
Re arrange my priorities from self and wealth
To make a difference in the existence of someone else
I know that issues of the world seem intimidating
But nothings gained from procrastinating and waiting
From the setting to the rising sun
Never ever underestimate the power of one
There’s a lil’ something that we all can do
So stop sayin who and start saying you
I know I can’t change the whole world
But I can change someone’s world maybe a boy or girl
Dreaming to be all that he or she can be
Help ‘em reach all they can and can’t see
Like the Roman #1
I have power let my light shine bright as the Son


In each of us there’s a superstar
So do what you can with what you have where you are
Imma start with me and stop fronting
Cause injustice prevails when good men do nothing
So even if you just start with a little nudge
Best believe that boulders got to budge
What if the power of one starts to spread
And we get it in our heart instead of just our head
Put to bed the thoughts of the selfish the selfless
Spread the wealth to lost and the helpless
What if one does a little for the next one
What if the next one then starts to stretch one
Hand out no doubt hope achieves the impossible
And real faith from the heart is unstoppable
What if we each take action as we listen
The power of one’s real, you can make a difference

Chorus Repeat: