1. Change



I touch the world with a mic and a drum
Never succomb never forgettin where I come from
World’s greatest they cannot fade us
I’m puttin these jiggas on permanent hiatus
New testament brotha wit gospel for the ghetto
My soul is still wit ‘em I can’t eva let go
I join the army of those who be the voice for those
Wit no voice or no choice to be heard or ignored
As we cry out to live free
We seekin equality but poverty is all we see
I represent the outcasts and leftovers
The ones forgotten about the ones swept over
Rally soldiers we takin it to the streets
And up to the white house we turnin up the heat
I know the time to pray or use a pistol
Talk diplomatic or put my fist thru
The issue we can’t swing wit the status quo
The ones leadin us nowhere they gotta go
We gotta shake the system that trapped us
Killed shackled and slapped us those ignorance masters
Don’t see the value of brilliance wasted
Gave us false and we chased it
It ain’t nuttin strange
God willin the time has come for change

Chorus: Even as the time goes by even as I look in the sky
A tear falls from my eye if you don’t know why its time to make a change
Even as the years go by ooh I look to the sky
Tears fall from my eyes if you don’t know why its time to make a change

God bless the children that have nothin
No frontin lemme touch on a lil somethin
It goes beyond no food in the fridge
Its orphans wit nowhere to live… I saw a special
On the street kids from Kenya and cried
By the time that the show aired 15 of em died
I made my seeds sit down and watch em sleep in the streets
Searchin the dump for somethin to eat barefeet
Children exploited missin sick no health care
So many millionaires clueless and unaware
I make a vow to change it in someway
So I’m keepin the faith believin for the day
If everybody do a little we can do a lot
If everybodys hearts warm we can make it hot
I keep believin plus achievin
My seeds gonna make a change before we leavin this earth y’all

Change for better or worse
I change the verse for better so I do not curse
Or disperse the purse venom or degrade women
New linen and denim man I get up in ‘em
Change is comin in my life
Its people and things I must release for peace
No fear of the unknown my journeys anew
I cant cling to you cause it just aint right to
Don’t know if its you or me but we can’t be
When buried in the forest the trees you can’t see
The plan for my life that’s written in heaven
My destiny the best of me written to reach 7
Billion on the globe heal reach and touch
And take action no room for distraction
If imma move these mountains in the range
I can’t be afraid of change

Chorus repeat-