1. Already Gone

From the recording Seasons

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Allow Me (to introduce myself… My name is…)

Allow me to introduce myself my name is X (ohh) L (aay)
Entered the race and I’m here to stay… X-O-L-A
Range Rover game over hotter than a flamethrower…
By the time y’all on what I’m on I’m already gone (2x)

Tripped out the starting blocks, so I gotta run harder than the average just to have it
So much ambition, felt the heat even though I wasn’t in the kitchen
Got a taste of the game sweet as a lollipop, got a taste of the fame from this hip hop
Music stop and I came to make the name hot, so I aim for the stars until my heart stop... Flatline
Still productive too young to retire, too relaxed to cool y’all to perspire, so why sweat the flow
I let ya know my pedigree, betta check the full scouting report on me, tried and tested in the flame and the game dude, been thru too much to fall over lame dude, from the pressure
Even private jets hit turbulence and air pockets, pass the mic and watch me rock it
Houston we got a problem and I’m here to solve em, speed bumps in the road I’m bout to unload
Watch me sow watch me reap y’all ten fold my introduction is stoic God in control