1. Favorite Girl

From the recording Seasons

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Favorite Girl-

Shorty keeps it hood, its always understood, high tops and some sweats and a fitted its all good
She’s my favorite girl, shorty rocks my world
Shorty keeps it hood and we looking good continental drop top on our way to Hollywood
With my favorite girl, shorty rocks my world

My baby boo is so real all natur-real rockin the mean curls and curves
Wonder what a brotha did to deserve to be in your presence
I’m at your service I’m really diggin your intelligence
It’s impressive our conversations so pleasant you’re my therapist no worries though
I got some good news thank God that you got a good dude by the way I love your tattoos
Used to hold hands back in high school and we still do I know you got a dark past but we all do
I think you’re marvelous regardless your love making skills is proficient productive
You’re more than qualified to be my lady the one I wanna marry
Career minded no make up required family affiliated Imma dress you in Tahitian pearls you’re my favorite girl


How is it something as simple as a smile that’s bright as a sunrise a look, a wink, from those beautiful brown eyes
When they met mine, I felt so aligned, it felt by design I felt it was time
For something real although it unfolded like a fairy tale, we took it slow got to know each other very well
Flowed as smooth than the rivers around the world, effortlessly you became my favorite girl
She young at heart but she full grown and independent, She know that life is a battle and we in it to win it
She know the way to be strong when the battle begun, she know the way to relax at times and feel the sun
Standing beside me pushing me to higher heights, I gotta catch up and keep up because she taking flight
The perfect balance and blend loving strong and loyal, beautiful blessed we do it with no stress