From the recording Seasons

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Every Mans Anthem

Chorus: Sometimes you gotta pound your chest and remind yourself
There’s a plan for my life and Imma get it
Because I’m a man, look at me I’m a man, you know that I’m a man by how tall I stand
Sometime you gotta pick ya self up and dust ya self off there’s a winner inside don’t forget it
Look at me I’m a man, you see me I’m a man, you know that I’m a man by how tall that I stand

Yeah I seen some dark days, or maybe I was blind to the sunrays… Either way
I ain’t the only man who been low, been hurt been poor
Thought he could’ve been more then what he amounted to
Every man who’s seen a rut or a hole, on them days when you feel like you losing control
And the sleepless nights when you think you’re losing your soul,
When you on the edge and feelin like you losing a hold (2x)
Of your sanity we planned to be on top of the world
And we planned to be successful life got stressful
You took couple hits, don’t let it break your spirit, a lion roars inside you let the world hear it
Long as you never stop you’ll see the mountaintop
You’ll hear the voice of doubters; they like to talk a lot
But they irrelevant just like I’m telling it, it’s time to shine again, every man chiming in


The boyhood days are long gone away
Problems show up today and we can’t run away game changed
We got mortgages to pay plus mouths to feed
And the time is prime now to man up and take the lead
Cause when the going gets tough real men get tougher
Navigate the water whenever the ocean is rougher
Navigate the sea of thoughts that take us off the path
And we keep our hearts on the future leave behind the past (2x)
Hurts and hang ups are history, my swagger back
Now I’m digging for the prize cracker jacks
It’s bigger than me and you stop and think, of all the men lost at sea and they on the brink
Of drowning we need to throw a lifeline, come on ya’ll we in fight of a lifetime
Its time again for you to shine again every man hit ya chest and chime it in