1. X-Hale

From the recording Seasons

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Nappier than low pile carpet I started the race, but got tripped out the starting blocks
I started not to pen this but in some crazy way, I thought it would help you make it through a rainy day
I started hot but two steps behind the one, two steps behind the leader moms got to feed the
Mouths of two boys on just one income, hard to make income last when its minimum wage
We stretch dough like hand tossed pizza, minimal love from the counselor or teacher
So we had to learn the metric system from grams to kilos, 9 millimete-ohs
How to see those undercovers coming, and if you ain’t paid ‘em off start running
How I’m supposed to pass english and learn from books, when I’m livin fast learning broken English from crooks
And hustlers on the corner trying to show me the route, ghetto life and the fast path to get my way out
How would you turn out? Can’t let the pressure or stress, lay my head to rest

Chorus: The world my psychiatrist the studio my couch, the microphone the way I let it all out I exhale

The pressure to succeed driven by need driven by greed, driven by seeds planted how could I manage
Grabbed a paper and pen let the words begin, to fill the lines with rhymes about the times we live in
One thing led to another featured on a track, double platinum we go saw none of the stack
I react with a solo and it bubbled to gold, payday eludes me again cause the label would fold
Oh so resilient still in and still winning, now I pushing weight like Balco rock me like Falco
Bless the mic like it’s Sunday, any given Sunday or Monday one day they C (see)
Like A-B I’m ridiculous crazy, reciprocate love to DJ’s who play me
Promoters all shifty and shady it don’t phase me, got 99 problems and I ain’t even Jay Z
I’m nice as Florence Brady, toured like the Navy, you know I get the gravy so wire the dough and pay me
Why are they trying to say he gotta be what the execs call the route to success the violence and the sex


The same crabs try to hold me down, now they gotta turn around look at they self in the mirror
Look in the face of __ you fill in the blank, X blow like petro on to the next flow
Can’t let the strain and stress the ups and downs, of this B I take control take a hold cause you see I
Rely on G-O-D stay humble and hungry as a lion that ain’t ate in weeks
I ain’t ate in weeks so as the drum beats, you hear the X speak don’t sweat the technique
I got to keep my mind focused like a microscope, life is short in this game unless I find an angle
Get myself tangled with movers and shakers decision makers, and shake the haters and always grow greater