1. Amazing

From the recording Seasons

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Chorus: She got me lookin at my phone always waiting for her call, the most beautiful I’ve known told her she can have my all
I don’t want no other girl them other dudes can have ‘em all, told her she could be my summer winter spring and even fall
Shorty is amazing (2x)

Freddie Fingers: I can’t get her off my mind she’s so bad she’s so fly, all I wanna do is be with her so it would be just her and I
When she smile it turns me on actions so simple yet so sexy, man I know that she the best she finish first them others next
I’m from the hood and she know that and I know that she from there too, she was made for me like I order her, she stay in my arms like I order her
She fly but yet she down to earth she classy sometimes sassy never flashy, and I know that she the one I’ll love till I’m in the dirt
In the dirt and even after here we go merry go round the world, yes her heart is what I capture ooh I know I love this girl (2x)


The sum of 1 and 1 is 2 but in the case of me and you, 1 and 1 make a better 1 my better half follow my math
Follow my lead and be my queen, wear this crown I’ll be your king
Wear this ring and we’ll lock it down, never with another one I’ll be found
I know that our love will be tested but we got years and tears invested
Plus this verse plus this hook, sexy and she wrote the book
Gravity gravity girl your love is grabbing me, pulling me in holding me close my medicine I need a dose
She’s stacked like Kim Kardashian with a level of elegance classy when
She smile like a sunrise giving me a wink with pretty brown eyes
Without you I’m rattled plus I’m sleepless in Seattle, wrote my Letter to Juliet this girl is Just Wright for the X-O-L-A